How I Think Computers Will Change the World

by ColdwaterQ on February 20 2016

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This is not a new topic. Robots have been replacing more and more jobs over the years at an increasing rate. Up to this point the unemployment rate has been able to handle it thanks to other industries being able to absorb the dislocated work force. However, I believe that we are quickly approaching a time when there will not be any place for the unemployed to find new employment.

Microsoft Band Modifications and Hacking

by ColdwaterQ on January 4 2016

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I recently got a Microsoft Band and as such I have been reading about what I can do to hack on it, and make it do what I want it to do. One of the first things I noticed was that the Associated Press Tile says “Associated Press” along the top of every screen which I found quite annoying. So I read a bit about the Web Tiles and found out that they are really just a manifest file and some icons in a zip archive. So I decide to try and fix the AP tile to work the way I wanted to.

DEF CON Quals - Access Control (Reverse Engineering 1)

by ColdwaterQ on June 2 2015

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This challenge was a rather simple reversing problem. Me and Javantea worked on this.

Plaid CTF qttpd Part 1 (Pwnable I 200)

by ColdwaterQ on May 8 2015

Full article at /2015/05/08/qttpd-Part-One.html

At first this challenge looked like a Web challenge. The first problem that popped out when looking at the website was the use of ?page=about. Anytime I see a website that has a page= query parameter the first thing I want to try is directory traversal. And in this case just like in many other CTFs it turned out to be the correct path to start down. Although in this case it was just the beginning.

Boston Key Party Airport (Crypto 500)

by ColdwaterQ on March 7 2015

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The challenge that I found the most enjoyable, and as such wanted to write about from the Boston Key Party was Airport (Crypto 500). This challenge’s hint made it clear that the goal was to do some kind of timing attack. It said:

Want2Hack Open Sourced!!!

by ColdwaterQ on April 7 2014

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While working at SI a portion of our time gets to be spent on research projects. I chose to use some of this time to take my capstone project from college ( and open source it as In this process Security Innovation also allowed me to set up an instance of the site to be hosted by them as a training ground for aspiring Security Professionals to practice their skills in a safe environment, and experienced security researchers to demonstrate their latest findings.

Tor Four Hops Instead of Three

by ColdwaterQ on September 11 2013

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As it turns out, using some simple statistics, any person controlling the first and last node in a chain can correlate the two, no matter how many nodes are in between the two. As such this article is pointless and inaccurate in a few ways, I will leave it up though in case someone else has the same thoughts.

Wedding Advice

by ColdwaterQ on September 10 2013

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IRL I had a wedding in the somewhat near past and here is my advice. Take it or leave it, at least you have been warned.

Two Or Three Hops Is Everyone

by ColdwaterQ on August 9 2013

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I read a while back and a thought occurred to me which I thought I should record.