While working at SI a portion of our time gets to be spent on research projects. I chose to use some of this time to take my capstone project from college (infsek.tk) and open source it as Want2Hack.com. In this process Security Innovation also allowed me to set up an instance of the site to be hosted by them as a training ground for aspiring Security Professionals to practice their skills in a safe environment, and experienced security researchers to demonstrate their latest findings.

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As it turns out, using some simple statistics, any person controlling the first and last node in a chain can correlate the two, no matter how many nodes are in between the two. As such this article is pointless and inaccurate in a few ways, I will leave it up though in case someone else has the same thoughts.

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Wedding Advice

IRL I had a wedding in the somewhat near past and here is my advice. Take it or leave it, at least you have been warned.

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I do some things with gaming, and some other things with hacking. I also backup things I think are awesome here so that they will be less likely to be lost to time.


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